A Better Way

To Grow Your Business

  • Focus on what  you do best

  • Leave the selling to folks who love to sell!

NOTE: We are not accepting new RepRight clients at this time. What we can offer you is a short ebook that details exactly how we recruit independent sales representatives so successfully for nearly 20 years. If you are trying to build an independent sales team, this short ebook will be your best friend. You can read more about the book and order it directly here.   If you would like to get in touch with us directly or get on the wait list for RepRight services, here’s the link.

Why outsource your sales to independent sales representatives?

Speed to market. There is no faster way to capture market share than with professional commission-based sales reps.
No ongoing fixed costs. NO salaries. NO expense reports. NO payroll taxes.
Sales efficiency. Pay for results, not learning, training, trying.




RepRight is a commission sales team. Once your team is set up, you pay only commission on completed sales.
All projects begin with an assessment. This tool helps us ensure that we can sell your product or service in a way that is profitable for everyone.  View a sample assessment here. There is a one time fee of $599 for the completed assessment. There are no other out-of-pocket, non-commission charges to begin work with RepRight.
Following the assessment, we establish goals and timelines, set commission rates, and begin selling. You pay us commission on our completed sales. No recruiting fees, no salaries, no payroll taxes, no management headaches. We bring sales, you pay commission on those sales.


Will the Better Way Program work with my product or service?

At RepRight, our core competence is in working with phone /webinar based sales. We are a USA based workforce. All of our sales agents are experienced sales professionals. We are best suited to B2B sales where remote selling is a good fit.Please note, we work best with soft goods (software and related) or business services. We are not specialists in hard goods (product, manufacturer’s reps, nor introductions/sales to relailers of physical products – sorry.)

What does RepRight do to build my sales team?

We have a core group of sales agents who work with us, and we are always contracting with new agents as well. If your

product or service requires specific industry knowledge, we will contract with sales agents who have that knowledge, in addition to professional sales experience.

After your initial sales team is established, RepRight provides the training and ongoing sales management to build sales fast.

Will your results be better than mine?

If you’ve tried to build an independent sales team and had problems, we understand. You have a core business to run.  Recruiting, training, and managing a successful sales team can be a lot of work! Our business at RepRight is building and scaling sales teams to grow sales our clients need. Our ability to provide dedicated focus helps to make us successful.

Can’t I just do this myself?

Of course. It is simply a matter of time and resources. The bigger question is….WILL you do it yourself. Or will you revert to on-the-fly interviews and ‘hunch’ based decisions on sales candidates? We provide the recruiting, vetting, training, and ongoing management required for successful sales.

Explain my costs

Every project begins with an assessment. Here is a sample. We charge $599 for the assessment. The assessment is a one time activity and one time fee, paid upfront and is non refundable.

Most assessments take 4-8 business days to complete. The outcome of the assessment is valuable to both our client and to RepRight to ensure we are staffing correctly for your needs.

When the assessment has been completed, we’ll jointly review outcomes and set goals and roll out time frames and commission rates.

In most cases, your new sales team can be up and running within about a month.

$4,000 is the average amount U.S. companies spend to fill an open position. (If NOT working with a recruiter).

(Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015, Bersin by Deloitte, April 2015)

Average of 52 days to fill an open position, up from 48 in 2011

WhatWorks® Brief, Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015: Benchmarks and Trends in Spending, Staffing, and Key Recruiting Metrics