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The tools you need to build a successful independent sales team!

Do-It-Yourself Tools

Sales listing on job board
Let reps find your opportunity on the RepRight sales board

/ month

We promote your listing on our site and through social media. Our new site makes it super easy for independent sales reps to reach you directly. They aren’t required to register or monitor their accounts, as they have to do on other sites. They just see your post and respond. If you’d like to have your sales opportunity featured (so it displays at the top of the category), that’s just $10 more. See how it works.

What’s included:

  • 30 days of display on our independent sales job board.
  • Buy month to month – only when you need the listing. No setup fee.
  • Average 250 views a day of the job board by targeted  independent sales professionals
  • Weekly promotion via social media: Facebook and Twitter of the specific job listing
  • Ability for candidates to apply directly
  • Make featured listing for $10 more

Buy Job Board Listing

Job Board Listing

Affordable and Easy way to reach lots of independent sales reps

Our job board receives between 20-250 views a day from independent sales reps. If you have a compelling message, our job board can help you bring in great rep candidates. No setup fee, no contract or long term commitments – run an ad only when you need it.

Your sales opportunity - emailed to opt-in Independent reps
Let independent sales reps see your sales opportunity via email, once a month.

/ month

Here’s a sample of the sales opportunity listing we provide monthly to opt-in independent sales reps. It’s $79/month; you can create your own listing or tell us to use one that you have on our job board. You can customize with an image and text so the candidates can contact you directly if they are interested.   NOTE: you are not receiving email addresses. We email your sales opportunity to our opt-in sales reps.

What’s included:

  • Your ad included in listing sent to independent sales reps
  • All rep recipients have opted in to receive the listing via email
  • Direct click to apply from the email
  • Recipients change monthly, depending on open opportunities, but average 750+ recipients

Buy emailed newsletter placement

Inclusion in Rep's Monthly Newsletter

Over 400 active independent sales reps see our monthly newsletter. Show them your sales opportunity.

With an average open rate over 40%, our opt-in independent sales newsletter reaches interested and available independent sales reps. You have lots of options to customize your message with images, links, and text. No contracts or long term commitments. Have your message included only when you need it. This is a very affordable way to reach qualified prospective sales rep candidates.

Let our experts assist with your projects
Recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, training...pay hourly for just the services you need.

/ hour

Shorthanded and need us on  a temporary basis to help you with specific independent sales team tasks? We’re ready. We are experts in all aspects of 1099 recruiting and management for success. With literally hundreds of projects – large and small under our belts, we can help, regardless of your need.

What’s included:

  • You define your project or need
  • You purchase our time on the project.
  • We track our time including screen snaps or recorded phone calls – depending on what you need us to do.
  • You buy just the services you need in blocks of 5 hours. Use the time as you need it. Larger blocks available.

Buy 5 hrs of support at $79/hour

Buy expert support when you need it

Tell us the project and goals. We'll take it from there.

If you’re just out of time to get everything done but you’re not ready to commit to a full outsourcing, why not contract with RepRight to perform the independent sales team setup functions that you need. We can:

  • Recruit
  • Write Advertisements
  • Set up interviews
  • Perform interviews
  • Recommend candidates and next steps
  • Set up training, client portal, CRM, chat function and more
  • On board your candidates
  • Write and/or deliver your training to your candidates
  • Create goal setting sessions
  • Lots more

Buy our time in blocks of 5 hours at $79/hour = $395.00 a block. Need more? buy multiple blocks. We’ll contact you to set up service. Time blocks can usually be scheduled within 2-3 working days.

Opportunity Assessment
Know if your opportunity will attract the right sale reps before you start recruiting


Often when companies decide they want independent sales services, they just aren’t sure about some of the key elements of pricing, commissions and more. The Assessment uses the product or service data to gather feedback from both field sales representatives and product or service competitors.

During the assessment, we learn much more about where field sales representatives see the best/fastest sales, and what they think is fair and reasonable for compensation and support. We also often are able to learn quite a bit about how the competition is doing and what they are offering to their sales reps.

The Assessment is the required first step of full outsourcing. We mandate it because of the value it gives us in understanding how reps will respond to a new potential line opportunity.  The Assessment is also offered as a stand-alone service. Even if you want to manage your own independent sales team, we strongly recommend the Assessment as your starting point.

Order The Assessment

Get off to the right start

Field sales and competitve information will tell you worlds about how your product will be received in the field

Launching a product or service comes with a multitude of unknowns. Getting feedback from  experienced, targeted independent sales field reps will give you the insight you need to help with:

  • Pricing
  • Commission
  • Shipping
  • Terms
  • Customer hot buttons and requested features
  • How your competitors tackle these issues
  • Lots more

We create and deliver our Assessment, with both targeted independent sales rep feedback and competitive information and analysis, within about 2 weeks. You control the questions we ask. You receive the result in a well formatted analytical report. The Assessment should be a vital part of all product or service roll-outs.

How to Build a Successful Independent Sales Team - Web Conference
Tuesday, May 16th, from 1-4pm CDT

per ticket for the online event

Building a successful independent sales team can be a real challenge. RepRight has worked with independent sales teams – hiring companies and qualified candidates since 2009. We know what’s required to build a successful program, and we’re ready to share those tips and advice with you.

Join us on Tuesday, May 16th from 1-4pm CDT for a jam packed session that includes everything from where to find great qualified rep candidates to what to do to help your reps be successful once they are on board.

Register by April 30, 2017 and receive early bird pricing – $75 per attendee.

Enroll in conference

How to Build a Successful Independent Sales Team

Web Conference Tuesday May 16th, 1-4pm CDT

Not sure where to start with building an independent sales team or maybe you have specific questions, this webinar will give you all the basics and put you far ahead of most others who are recruiting independent sales reps.

No Frill Coaching Package
Just the basics, one-on-one, to get you started in building or refining an independent sales team

includes 2 phone/webinar sessions plus unlimited email follow up for 1 month

If you’re frustrated about how to set up an independent sales team, we can help you turn frustration into success. With this package, we’ll gather your requirements, meet with you to discuss your needs and create a game plan. We’ll follow up and answer questions or offer alternatives via email and meet with you a second time by phone/webinar when you are ready. We know how to help you create a message and culture that will resonate with your prospective independent sales reps.

Get No Frills Coaching

No Frills Building an Independent Sales Team Coaching

We'll meet by phone/webinar twice and give you specific actionable advice via email for a month

Why recreate the wheel? If you want to set up a successful independent sales team, let’s get the basics in place right up front. With this package, we don’t do the work for you, but we do tell you exactly what to do to build a qualified, engaged, successful independent sales team.

Not sure what’s right for your business? Get in touch, and let’s discuss your options!


Alice and her team at RepRight are responsible for our incredible (commission only) sales team. It’s hard to describe everything that we thought was right – that was actually completely wrong. It wasn’t an easy process, but Alice dissected, rebuilt and now we have an amazing and profitable independent sales team

.––Manga Dunabell, GMi Cookware, Talahassee, Fl.

When my clients need to grow quickly and gain market share, I send them to RepRight. I’ve seen first-hand the difference that RepRight can make to help companies grow quickly and with sustained independent rep sales; even in a complex sales environment.

— Louri Roberts, Peachtree Medical Billing. Athens, Ga.

When Alice or Terri tells me that the sales opportunity is worth considering, I believe them. They both know the world of independent sales, and their recommendations are usually spot on. I hear from companies that want me to rep their lines all the time. Usually they don’t have a program in place and want me to missionary the line, and they are really surprised when I turn them down. Alice and Terri cut through all of that. When they have a line for me, it’s a good one.

Nathan Smith, Medical Services ISR, Southeast region

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What is an independent sales rep?

People use all sorts of terms to describe independent sales professionals. They are Independent sales rep, ISRs, 1099 Reps and more. For the purposes of this website, here are the definitions we use:

Independent sales representatives, or ISRs, are sales representatives who are not employees of the company they represent. These sales rep are paid on commission  – sometimes with a stipend and sometimes not – but their primary compensation is on the business that they close.
ISRs generally are not responsible for other company functions – service, accounting, collections, etc. They are responsible only for the sales they make.
Freelance Sales Representative typically represent a company for a specific event or period of time like a trade show, or release of a new product, or to help with overflow work.

What makes a sales rep ad work well?

There are 4 key elements to explaining your opportunity:

  • Product or service (what is it, what branding or testimonials are available)
  • Company information (location, background working with sales reps, etc)
  • Commission (how much, what most reps make, etc)
  • Territory (what territories are available, what are the sales expectations from each)

The more you can tell a potential sales rep candidate about your opportunity, and the better that story is, the more interest you will see.

Do you guarantee that I will find a rep with your service?

At RepRight, we focus on getting the right eyes to see your ad. We are in touch regularly with lots of independent sales reps from virtually every industry imaginable.

Make sure your ad is compelling, interesting, and is a good representation of the independent sales program you offer. (see above question).

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee results of your advertising. If you have questions on this, let us know before placing your ad.