One-on-One Independent Sales Team Coaching

Struggling to build and keep a successful independent sales team?

I can help.

Alice Errett

Before starting RepRight in 2009, I had worked for the previous 20 years as an:

  • Independent sales rep
  • Independent sales director
  • Independent sales recruiter
  • Small business owner

With over 25 years of independent sales experience, working with companies from medical to retail,manufacturing to logistics, high tech to education…I have a pretty good idea about what it takes to build a successful independent sales team and keep them selling.

You tell me your story. I’ll give you a solid road map for getting from wherever you are to having a strong successful independent sales team. I don’t do spin, so be ready for the facts, but I know my numbers, and I can help you make a winning plan, if you are struggling.

You’ll send me a short overview of where you are and what problems you are having with your independent sales team. We’ll set a mutually agreeable time for a phone conference and get down to business. You’ll pay upfront for the session, but at the end of the session, I’ll ask you to decide if you feel your investment was worth what you received. If not, I’ll refund you promptly.

A one hour session is $139. If you want to retain me for further consultation or support, we’ll work something out that benefits us both.

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