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Sales Lead Management, Sales Recruiting, and Outsourced Sales

In business since 2009, RepRight is a leading service provider for companies that want to grow or outsource their sales teams. From Sales Lead Management, Sales Recruiting for Sales Reps or Commission-only sales agents we're here to help.

Inbound Sales Lead Management

Turning your warm leads into booked appointments
Your inbound leads

People are contacting you through your website or by phone or email. The problem is that you just don't have time to contact all of them back quickly. And leads that aren't worked quickly move on to another provider.

RepRight can help
We will respond quickly to your prospects and log all contacts and attempts in our (or you) CRM. We'll keep working to reach them (up to 6 times) to arrange a meeting or demo with you. Typcially we call twice, email twice, and text message twice. We'll stay at it up to a month with up to 6 total reaches to your prospect.
You can focus on your business
You are free to work on your business. Let us keep your calendar full with appointments or demos. We track all leads and show you each outreach and the result of each. We'll ask the qualifying questions you want, and update your calendar as appointments and demos are scheduled.  Here's a sample of our lead management tracking system.

Sales Agent Recruiting

Affordable Sales Recruiting W-2 or 1099
Sales Rep Recruiting

You define the requirements and compensation for the sales rep(s) you need. We'll do the recruiting. You pay only for the recruiting services you need, and you own all the candidate information - hire as many as you like. Think of us as your own internal HR department -but without the huge pricetag!

What we do

If you have candidates, we'll interview, vet and create a comprehensive applicant tracking and comparison system. We'll include sales aptitude testing and background checks as well if you need those things. If you don't already have candidate, we'll use job boards to identify good prospective candidates.

Ongoing support

If you want ongoing support, we can onboard the chosen candidate(s) and even provide onogoing sales team management with your sales goals in mind. Over the years, we've managed quite a few sales teams, often with resounding success. If you'd really rather not worry about sales, let's discuss some options.

What's Next?