10 Things That Prove You Are an Amazing Sales rep

Being a great independent sales rep is a heck of an achievement. It says that you don’t need supervision or external motivation to get your job done.  At RepRight, it’s our mission to bring awareness to the value that Pay for Performance Sales (commission or independent) reps bring to our daily lives. In that spirit, here are 10 things that prove that you are an amazing sales rep!

  1. It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re not trying to ‘look busy’.  You’re trying to beat your numbers from last week.
  2. It’s Monday morning and instead of trying to wake up and look interested at the sales meeting, you’re already in the field selling.
  3. You have so much windshield time under your belt that you could have driven around the globe 3 times.

4.You can spot a profitable line a mile away, and you’ll dog the principal until you get it for your territory.

  1. You end up coaching and being an adviser to companies that call you to represent their unproven, new-to-market products.
  2. If you had a nickel for every ‘no’, you’d be richer than Bill Gates.

7 .You know that if you felt the need to complain every time you got a ‘no’, you’d be in a new line of work by now.

8 .You’re the only guy you know who is in the field by 8, still there at 5, and uses Saturday for the in-office day.

9 .The first time a principal is late with commissions is the last time you rep for that principal.

10.You’ll walk away from a  line, regardless of the commission potential, if the principal doesn’t treat you with respect.

The ranks of truly great independent sales reps and pay for performance sales reps are growing. We’re changing how business is done in the USA. Thanks for your contribution and reading a small guide about pay for performance sales reps by www.repright.com .


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