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Do You Need help closing your inbound sales leads?

I can help with:

  • Fill-in when you’re busy or on vacation to keep your leads current and moving forward
  • Follow-up on tradeshow leads or other sales projects
  • Bid delivery/follow-up
  • Managing a pipeline and closing business
  • Filling in while you hire permanent sales talent or to assist if key sales members are out
I am a professional phone-based sales representative. I will call/email/text your leads and follow-up the way you would do it if you had the time.

Who makes the calls?

My name is Alice Errett. I am a professional phone-based sales representative. I have sold b2b services and high end b2c products and services for 20+ years. 
This is my business, and I do all of my own calling. If we work together, you will provide your qualified prospects or client information, and I will make the calls/texts/emails/web meetings as you require. I will work as a 1099 contractor. 
You can read some of my testimonials below, or visit my LinkedIn profile to read more.

How does this work?

Every company’s needs are different, but here are some project ideas:

Precalls before tradeshow

You can provide a list of prospects and/or customers who you would like me to call/text/email. I will contact each before the tradeshow with the message you'd like me to deliver. I note each interaction on an online spreadsheet that you can watch real-time or review when you want.

Post Tradeshow calls for appointment or Nurturing

I can follow-up with the leads generated at a tradeshow. I can set appointments or nurture the leads in other ways. You can provide me with product information, and I will answer prospect questions or qualify them to your process if you prefer. All interactions are noted in an online spreadsheet so you can see current status.

Sales Campaign Calling

If you'd like to run a sales campaign but need help with making calls and reaching out to prospects or clients or past clients, I can help. I do NOT make cold calls, but if you have warm leads, I am happy to contact them with the message you choose, note the interaction and make the results available to you on a spreadsheet.

Proposal Follow-Up

Once a proposal is made to a prospect, it is often difficult to follow the prospect through the decision-process. I can take your post-proposal prospects and nurture them back to the close. All interactions are noted on a spreadsheet online so you can watch or review when you choose.

Tracking tool

I can use your CRM or an online spreadsheet to provide updates as I work. Here is a sample of an online spreadsheet format I use for updates. 

Testimonials from current/past clients

Much of my work is done through Upwork. You are welcome to  me through Upwork or directly here
To read more testimonials or view more about the testimonials below, visit my Upwork page here .


Pricing is always customized to the job requirements. To give you a general idea of cost, a single call followed by an email to your provided list of prospects (introducing a new service, inviting to a tradeshow, following up on something, etc) would cost $3-5 per prospect for both call and email/text, Minimum of 100 prospects. 

Pricing for a larger campaign where multiple contact attempts are required, product knowledge is required, sales skills are required can range between $10 -$50 per prospect for 5-10 calls/texts/emails/presentations. Minimum of 50 prospects.  

If you prefer a flat hourly rate, that can be arranged as well. 

In some cases, a set-up fee is required -depending on the complexity and organization of the project. 

Please note: I do not make cold calls. I follow-up on warm inbound leads. 

Usual terms are 50% down to start the project and the balance due at the halfway point of the project. Clients who prefer escrowed funds can contract with me through Upwork. In that case, client absorbs Upwork management fees. Let me know if you prefer this option. 

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