I work with clients on pricing and timing individually. Each project is different. Please contact me here to learn more.   

Because I don’t outsource any of my work, I will always need to understand the volume and nature of your project. Give me as much lead time as possible. 

You will tell me about your offering or goals, and I will write the script from that. You will be provided a copy and can make any changes you want. 

I don’t typically use a script verbatim. I use the script as a guideline to achieve our mutually determined goals. 

Varies by project but generally for simple calls (tradeshow announcement/invitations, proposal follow-up, etc) Minimum prospect count is 100. For more complex, multi-reach projects, minimum is normally 50 prospects. 

I use a dedicated paid VOIP line with voicemail. I can have calls recorded if you require that (but that will be an extra charge). I have high speed internet to ensure top quality sound for calls. I use a professional grade headset and microphone. I call from a quiet room dedicated for this purpose.

I can set appointments for you or if your product or service can be sold by phone, I can work the leads to close for you. 

In this business (as in most businesses), you get what you pay for. There is no middleman when working with me, and that helps control pricing somewhat. I bring years of sales experience to the project. There are certainly cheaper options, and if price is your driver, one fo those options will be a better fit for you. 

If I have worked on a campaign for you, I am happy to provide a sales training for your team at a reasonable price. Contact me to discuss. 

I guarantee that I will make the calls/contacts that we agree upon, record the outcomes as we agree upon, and conduct all in a timely fashion and with a professional approach. I cannot guarantee sales outcomes. 

Sorry, I do not. I work with warm inbound leads or current or past clients.