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Sales Recruiting - Fair Pricing

There are no cookie cutter prices with RepRight because every client's needs are different.
Our fees are based on the services provides but are always  tied to our client company's sales hiring, successful onboarding, and sales team success.
We win when you win.

RepRight Pricing - 2 examples

While our pricing varies based on client and need, here are 2 typical examples

Full Service:

Client Industry: Hosted Software Company (SaaS) B2B

Client Need: Software company had recently changed management.  New CEO  wanted to focus on sales growth. They are a small enough business that they had no HR for recruiting, onboarding, and no dedicated sales management in place. They preferred not to dedicate permanent full time assets to those roles, but they also understood the need to have the right sales people in the right functions - and have them performing well. They asked RepRight to supply those services.

Goals: RepRight was tasked with recruiting, vetting, onboarding, and sales management for a team of 5 sales reps. Our goal was to have the new team fully identified and onboard selling within 90 days.

Outcome: Of the 5 initial sales reps, 4 are still in those positions and we have added 2 more sales reps. Total revenue generated from this sales team has meet or exceeded goals for 23 of the 24 months our relationship has been in place.

RepRight fees: RepRight charged a flat retainer of $2500/mo  + expenses for the first 4 months. Beyond that, RepRight is paid 10% commission on all sales as long as RepRight continues in the sales management role for this client.

Recruiting Only:

Client Industry: Cybersecurity

Client Need: This client had a sales team in place that was functioning well. They needed a new California based senior sales rep for their team.

Goals: RepRight was tasked with recruiting, vetting, and introducing the best position candidates.

Outcome: 2 phone interviews and one on-site interview later, our client company has their new California senior level sales representative. The process from start to finish was about 3 weeks.

RepRight fees: RepRight chaged a flat recruitment fee of $5000 at time of placement+ 5% commission on all sales made by this sales rep in her first year.